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Week 41: Spring onion pakoras

Friday night = curry night. There’s something about Friday night curry which is nicer than a Wednesday curry or a Saturday curry. It’s that feeling of having finished work for the week, pouring a nice big glass of Merlot and sitting down for the kind of dinner which feels like a treat. Being of the ‘it’s Friday, … Continue reading


Week 40 – The Muffnut (raspberry doughnut muffins)

Okay, so I can’t be sure, but I think I might be about to coin my own baked good term. First there was the Cronut, then the Yumdough (pur-lease), and now there’s the Muffnut. Waitrose call it a ‘doughnut muffin’ but really it’s a crime not to call it a Muffnut. I came home from … Continue reading


Week 39: Sweet potato, chorizo and red pepper salad

Sweet potato is a bit of a tricky vegetable. If you’re a regular reader of these New Food Club posts you might remember the sweet potato fries we made back in May. Although they tasted great they weren’t as crispy as we’d have liked despite roasting them for way over the suggested time. I had … Continue reading


A crafty Sunday at The Handmade Fair

Yesterday I spent a lovely – and crafty – day at The Handmade Fair. It all began here, at Hampton Court Palace, which was looking gorgeous: @freckled_kissed , @kate180288 & @callmejosephine and I booked tickets for the show ages ago, after @callmejosephine spotted an advert for The Handmade Fair. It’s a completely new event, organised … Continue reading


Week 38: Cheddar, potato and leek pot pies

Who doesn’t love a pie? Especially when it starts to look all autumnal outside with crispy leaves on the paths and those kind of fresh but chilly mornings. The best pie I’ve ever had is probably one from Sweeney & Todd in Castle Street, Reading. If you find yourself visiting Reading one day you have … Continue reading

Sir Michael Parkinson. Photo by Richard McLaren.

Interviewing the legend – Sir Michael Parkinson

I don’t often repost the interviews I do for work in here, but well, it’s Parky. I was SO nervous before this interview. It’s like running a few marathons and then finding out you’re going to race Usain Bolt, or being a chef in a little pub and finding out you’re making dinner for Gordon Ramsay. Parky … Continue reading

The finished quesadilla!

Week 37: Feta cheese and chorizo quesadillas

Things I have learnt his week: quesadillas are easy to make, taste awesome but the word is a tricksy one to spell. I made some quesadillas (thanks Google!) on Wednesday night using a recipe from the August edition of Olive Magazine. (There are some similar quesadillia recipes over on BBC Good Food). We don’t always plan our … Continue reading


Week 36: Chicken Tikka (cooked in a homemade tandoor oven)

This week’s New Food Club post has a pretty awesome back story: Meatopia. Yesterday we went over to Marlow for the 30th birthday of our friend Rich, who had decided to host his own Meatopia (inspired by the London event) to celebrate. Basically the idea is everyone brings a barbecue and some meat to cook. All the … Continue reading


Week 35: Sundried tomato twister bread

It is pretty much impossible to watch The Great British Bake Off and not feel inspired to a) eat and b) bake. Two weeks ago (before the drama of #bingate and the Baked Alaska fiasco) it was bread week and after watching Mary and Paul munch their way through a delicious array of loaves I … Continue reading


Week 34: Roasted salt and paprika almonds

I’m sitting here, writing this week’s New Food Club post while nibbling on my nuts.It’s a bit of a cheat recipe this week (as in it’s not really cooking), due to an epically busy weekend with Reading Festival on the horizon (so exciting!).I’ve been meaning to make some spicy nuts for ages, they make great … Continue reading


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