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Week 28: Posh poached eggs in a cup

My favourite cookbook is Leon Family & Friends. I bought it on a whim about two years ago and it’s gradually become my go-to when I don’t know what to cook. I love the spinach, chorizo and halloumi salad and the tomato, thyme and goats cheese tart is my favourite easy summer dish. Most of the … Continue reading


Week 27 – Pork belly with summer greens / currywurst / chicken wings and blue cheese slaw

This week we’ve made so many new dishes I can’t quite work out where to start (or what to call this post – so many dishes to choose from!). Ben and I have both had a week off from work (hoorah!) and for the first time in as long as I can remember it was … Continue reading


The New Food Club: A half way list

I can’t believe we’re half way through this year already. Where has all the time gone? It also means we’re half way through the New Food Club blog challenge. At the start of the year Ben and I decided to set ourselves a little new year’s resolution of making one new dish a week. Being … Continue reading


Week 26: Traffic light ice lollies

Up until today the weather has been GORGEOUS!! Proper sun shining, shorts-wearing, lovely summer goodness. And with summer goodness comes ice lollies. The other day Ben & I were stuffing our faces  trying to keep cool with some Mojito Soleros and Mint Magnums and it reminded me that we kept saying we were going to … Continue reading


Week 25: Rigatoni with sausage, lemon and mustard / chicken katsu curry

This week is a double whammy of New Food Club goodness. Before I get to the delicious chicken katsu curry Ben made let me talk about my super summery rigatoni. After last week’s cheesy ball disaster I needed to bring my kitchen kudos back with something good and Olive magazine’s rigatoni with sausage, lemon and mustard … Continue reading


Orange Is The New Black

How freakin’ awesome is Orange Is The New Black?! Okay so ‘freakin’ awesome’ probably isn’t a phrase I should be using being an English journalist and whatnot, but you’re lucky I’m not dropping some kind of prison slang judging by how addicted I am to OITNB. Based on the memoir of Piper Kerman, OITNB tells … Continue reading


Week 24: Brazilian Cheese Balls

It has finally happened. We’ve had a total and utter New Food Club fail. Literally food so bad I took one bite, grimaced and ran to the fridge for some chocolate to take the taste away. Let’s start at the beginning… Last weekend The Guardian had its top 10 Brazilian recipes in celebration of the … Continue reading


Week 23: Bombay potatoes with fried eggs and green chilli salsa

Every now and again you get that annoying moment when you just don’t know what you want for dinner. There might be pasta in the cupboard, a pizza in the freezer and some left over chilli con carne  in the fridge, but you still end up going ‘there’s nothing to eat, arghhh!’. We hungry humans … Continue reading


V&A wedding dress exhibition and Ping Pong

On Friday I had such a fun day out in London with my sister, and bride-to-be, @cattycook33. A while ago we saw the Victoria & Albert Museum was running a wedding dress exhibition and with Cat’s wedding coming up this August (SO exciting!) we decided we had to go. The exhibition is completely lovely. Eighteenth … Continue reading


Week 22: Pasta with beetroot / Cider glazed ham hock

I finally made something, hoorah! After a good few weeks of blogging Ben’s tasty creations I finally found time to get in the kitchen and make something myself. The fact I actually cooked something is good, the dish I cooked – not so much. Stuck for what to eat one evening I popped to Co-Op … Continue reading


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