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New Food Club Week 15: Barbecue pulled pork sandwich

There’s something really wonderful about taking the first bite of a sandwich which has been three whole days in the making. All that silky, soft pork, the delicious barbecue sauce with a whack of spice about it, and a creamy homemade ‘slaw’ on the side. Okay, I’m making it all sound very M&S, but the … Continue reading


What to do with the silky green dress?

Back in December I was rummaging around in my wardrobe and found this dress which I’d bought when I was a student in Exeter. I think I bought it for a posh meal out – it was about £30 from New Look which gives you an idea of my concept of posh back then! (Look … Continue reading


New Food Club Week 14: Salad onion and rocket risotto

I love risotto and it’s one of those dishes I’m always tempted to choose in a restaurant because it’s such a lot of effort to make at home. Making a good risotto is a time consuming business and as we all know, time is precious, especially in the week. But on Monday we found ourselves … Continue reading


Read: The Perfect Affair and Divergent

The last two books I read are both love stories of sorts, but they couldn’t be more different. First up was The Perfect Affair I read The Perfect Affair after interviewing the lovely author Claire Dyer for this feature. Claire lives in Reading so she’s one of our local writing success stories! I read her first … Continue reading


New Food Club: Week 13: Baked ricotta tart with spring veg, mint and peashoots

Despite the best laid plans, every now and again you make it through a deadline by the skin of your teeth. Like this week’s New Food Club post. Week 14 gets underway as of tomorrow and until two hours ago we hadn’t done a new dish for Week 13. A busy week of theatre reviews and … Continue reading


New Food Club Week 12: Sous Vide eggs and Berlin eats

At the start of this week our little kitchen had a very excited head chef. After months and months of waiting Ben’s sous vide machine had finally arrived! When I say ‘sous vide machine’ I actually mean a Sansaire water circulator like this. The water circulator goes into a tub of water and heats it … Continue reading


New Food Club Week 11: Pea and coriander soup with chorizo

This week’s New Food Club post combines two of my favourite ingredients: peas and chorizo. It’s from the 7 meals for £35 feature in the April edition of Olive magazine but there’s a similar recipe from Rachel Allen over here. Despite my resolution last week to make something fancy for the blog, work engagements and … Continue reading


The Daffy Dog Project

After busying myself with making aprons and blankets and PJs as presents I decided my next sewing project was going to be just for fun. And when Sewing World landed on my doorstep with this lovely Daffy Dog toy on the cover I knew that was it. I’ve never made a toy before but figured … Continue reading


New Food Club Week 10: Moroccan lamb tagine with pomegranate couscous

This week has been an awesome new food week. While I’d love to say that’s down to me being a cookery goddess, especially with it being International Women’s Day and everything, it was actually due to Ben been a kitchen genius. First up was the meringue kisses which he made for a work bake day. Each tray had a different surprise … Continue reading


Read: Big Brother by Lionel Shriver

I don’t think a book has ever made me think about food as much as Big Brother. Whether I’m easily influenced or something I don’t know but while reading Lionel Shriver’s book I kept thinking about what I was eating. And not exactly in an ‘I’m only ever eating celery sticks from here on in’ way but in a … Continue reading


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