About Me


I am a twenty-something living in Reading who loves sewing, books, running (sometimes), cake (always), movies, music, food (mostly dishes made by my boyfriend Ben – you’ll see more of his cooking on the blog), sunny days, cups of tea, pugs, hugs and theatre.

I used to be Features Editor for The Reading Post and now I work on a national magazine for one of the UK’s major supermarkets.

When I am not at my desk scribbling down blog posts, you’ll find me by the sewing machine, visiting somewhere fun or eating something delicious.

If you would like to contact me regarding product reviews or interview opportunities please contact caz_cook@hotmail.com

Follow me on Twitter here @cazcook27 and instagram here.


13 responses to “About Me

  1. Hello, enjoyed your blog and I’d love to read your piece on Calon Y Gegin supper club but can’t get link to do the business! or find it online… so if you have the chance to send it to me that would be fantastic. best wishes
    Helen x

  2. Hey, great to see your blog. I can’t believe that photo’s you! I wouldn’t have recognised you in a million years – what a long way we’ve come…

    I’ve added you to my google reader now, so I look forward to hearing about all your adventures…

    • Hi, ha yes it’s a slightly different look from the specs at school!
      Thanks for the google reader add, have dipped into your blog too and looks ace!
      Hope the writing is going well x

  3. Hi Caroline. I’ve just started studying for the NCTJ Diploma by distance learning so am pretty new to the world of journalism, and loving reading your blog for little titbits of advice. I’ve just started a contacts book – it’s amazing how many contacts you already have that you didn’t realise! Keep up the good work! I’ll be blogging a bit about my journey into journalism if you want to relive a rookie’s experiences, but my blog’s mostly about my acting and creative writing exploits at the moment.

    Looking forward to reading more!


    • Hi Jennie,
      Thanks for your comment, really lovely to get nice blog feedback!
      Definitely a good idea starting a contacts book and literally writing down everyone you meet, you never know when they might come in handy.
      Will definitely pop over and have a look at your blog, good luck with the NCTJ course!
      Caroline x

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