Catching up

Earlier this week I read a really interesting piece on The Pool about being ‘busy’ and how people almost use it as a badge of honour for how much they do.

It made me realise just how much I use that phrase. When people ask me how my week has been, 90% of the time my reply is ‘busy’, but it’s not some misguided way of saying ‘look how active and social I am’.

Running a blog, having a full time job, going to events, and staying close to the people I love genuinely does keep me busy and for the most part I love that. I get really itchy feet if I’m doing nothing and I find it really hard to sit and watch TV without fidgeting. It might be something to do with the ‘millennial’ generation always being connected, who knows.

Sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed and realise I need a night off from everything so my phone goes off, PJs go on and I make sure I do nothing except watch a few episodes of Made in Chelsea.

Tomorrow night is going to be that night for me, after a super busy (there’s that word!) but also amazing bank holiday weekend. Here’s a brief, picture-led run down of what I’ve been up to.


On Thursday I spent the evening soaking up some of Shakespeare’s finest lines in the Cellar Bar at South Hill Park. The Rattle An’ Roll Players put on a fusion of Shakespeare plays looking at gender and politics. It was an interesting idea to pull out common themes and switch between different plays to explore them, and although the continuity between each could have been slicker it was a fun idea, and always lovely to hear strong voices reading out such wonderful words.


About 14 years after I first fell head over heels for Busted, I finally got to see them in concert. When Charlie left we all thought it would never happen, but there we were, dancing along to Crashed the Wedding and What I Go to School for at the O2 on Friday.


The whole thing was so wonderfully nostalgic (not dampened too much by the fact Charlie didn’t look overjoyed to be back), and it was so lovely to catch up with my friends for the gig. At school we used to play Busted and McFly songs all the time and our love for both bands will always be a firm foundation of our friendship (even now when we’re apparently mature grown ups!).


This picture is just the cherry on top of the prosecco mountain that was consumed last weekend, thanks to all the wonderful wedding fun that went on. On Saturday I went wedding dress shopping with one of my best friends – no more to be said as it’s a secret, shhh, but it was such a lovely day! Then Saturday evening I went to a friend’s wedding reception, followed by a trip up to Dronfield on Monday, ready for wedding number two.

We split the journey by stopping with some lovely friends in Leamington on Sunday night, where that prosecco was drunk with dinner at a restaurant called Fizzy Moon. The sun was shining, we sat outside, the food was good – a perfect Bank Holiday Sunday!


And continuing the perfect vibe, I was overjoyed to see a wonderful couple walk down the aisle on Monday, looking absolutely beautiful. The whole day was so special, with so many smiles and so much happiness. I really love weddings, and it really is heart-warming to see people you care about saying their vows to each other.

Then on Tuesday it was back home, and back to reality. I’ve just been out to South Hill Park again for a theatre show (hence the late night post!), so there will be more theatre goodness to come soon. But for now I’m watching the dog snoring away contentedly on the sofa, and thinking that looks like a jolly good idea.

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